Class 1 Gloves


Class 1 gloves are made from natural latex using our environmentally friendly aqueous dip manufacturing process. The gloves come in several options for international standards, colors, lengths, cuffs and sizes.

AC Maximum Use Voltage: 7,500V
AC Proof Test: 10,000V
DC Maximum Use Voltage: 11,250V
DC Proof Test: 40,000V

The higher-class gloves are given a bi-color option, allowing users to immediately detect any damage done via scratches or cuts on the thinner top layer.

The default on a Class 1 Glove is Orange 360mm (14”) on a Straight Cuff. Other options may require longer delivery periods.


  • ASTM D120 (1.50mm thickness)
  • EN60903 (1.50mm thickness)
  • EN60903 + RC Option (1.50mm + 0.6mm thickness)
  • ASTM – Orange / Black / Black Over Orange(Bi-color)
  • EN – Orange / Black / Black over Orange (Bi-color)
Lengths 360mm (14”)
Cuffs Straight Cuff / Bell Cuff (subject to availability) / Contour Cuff (Subject to Availability)
  • ASTM – Sizes 9 -12 (Half Sizes are available upon request)
  • EN60903 – Sizes 9-12 (No Half Sizes Available)