NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Sleeves are made with the same environmentally friendly aqueous process used in the manufacture of our NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Gloves. Our dipped sleeves provide additional protection from the cuff of the Rubber Insulating Gloves up to the shoulder of the users. This serves to protect the user from accidental contact from energized equipment.

Our sleeves are manufactured to meet and exceed both ASTM D1051 and EN 60984, which are the internationally recognized standards of Rubber Insulating Sleeves.

As with the NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Gloves, we electrically test every sleeve prior to shipment, along with stringent visual inspection. Each batch of sleeves is further subjected to a battery of destructive physical and electrical tests to ensure quality. All sleeves are stamped with test dates and a serial number which is unique to each individual piece.

NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Dipped Sleeves are currently available from Classes 0 – 3. All sleeves are sold with a pair of shoulder straps and buttons.

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