NOVAX® Leather Protectors are worn over Rubber Insulating Gloves to protect the gloves from any abrasions, cuts, tears and punctures that may occur when working.

NOVAX® Leather Protectors are manufactured from Top Grain Goatskin Leather, which is the softest, most abrasion resistant leather while still providing the dexterity needed to conduct certain sensitive tasks.

They are manufactured in accordance to ASTM F496 and EN388.

All NOVAX® Leather Protectors are made to measure according to our glove formers, which means they are manufactured to fit our NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Gloves perfectly, I.e. a NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Glove Size 9 Class 0 will fit a NOVAX® LPG-10 Size 9.

Note: If you select a Class 2 Glove in a 410mm (16”) / 460mm (18”) option, it is recommended to take an LPG-13 due to the larger former size.

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